Excess Flow Valve Notice

Notification Purpose

In accordance with a newly effective Federal regulation, Hughes Natural Gas, Inc. is required to notify all eligible customers of their right to request an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) installed on their existing natural gas service line. Hughes Natural Gas, Inc. has installed an EFV on all new service lines constructed since January 2008.


What does an EFV do and not do?

An EFV is a mechanical device on the service line designed to stop the flow of gas between the main line and the customer meter in the event the service line is damaged.  The flow is stopped when the EFV recognizes a sudden change in gas flow across the valve, usually caused by excavation-type damages.  The potential benefit is to reduce the risk of fire, explosion, and/or injury to those in the vicinity.  An EFV is NOT designed to stop flow for small (pinhole) leaks in the service line, nor for any leaks beyond the customer meter (i.e. home gas piping or yard lines for appliances).


EFV Diagram


Who is eligible for an EFV?

The new regulation allows for all existing customer service lines for single or multi-family residences and small commercial customers that do not exceed 1,000 standard cubic feet per hour of gas flow to be equipped with an EFV.  If you request an EFV, we can inform you if your service line was constructed prior to January 2008.


EFV Installation

If you wish to know if you have an EFV installed on your service line, please call our office during normal business hours of 8:30am-4:00pm (M-F) at 281-766-1290.  One of our representatives will review your account to determine when your service line was installed.  If your service line was installed prior to January 2008, and you would like to determine if you have an EFV or not, there is a $45 fee for a technician to come to your property and assess whether there is an EFV present.  Someone will need to be home, on a mutually agreed upon date, as services will need to be reconnected after testing.   If the technician determines an EFV does not exist, and you would like an EFV installed, we will mutually agree to a date of installation, as someone will need to be home the day of, so a technician can reconnect the service .  If your EFV malfunctions, or needs to be replaced due to life of service, Hughes Natural Gas will replace that EFV at no cost to the customer.  If the customer requires a higher demand of natural gas volumes, any redesign in service lines and/or EFVs will be the financial responsibility of the customer.